OMG is it Spring yet?

Yeah. from the title I assume you get it. Here it is April 9th and there is still snow on the ground and a little below seasonal weather brr.

Well to start here’s your/my weekly shingle update. Still have it, but it is going away. The pain is still there but it’s not as much a large area, just around the back on the left side of my neck. I can actually run it and not get any pains when I do it.

So today I get to help a friend move. I really hope I don’t have to do any heavy lifting and hope to heck she doesn’t have a washing machine or fridge.

Well got my hair cut and not to sound racist or mean anything bad by it, but it was cut by a white person (who understood me when I told her what I wanted). I actually like it more than my last hair cut. Too bad no one at work noticed or commented on it. I am sure they saw it but kept their mouths shut.

Not even 6am here and I’m almost done my first cup of coffee…why am I up though??? Maybe my neck is bothering me a little, but then again it could be my stomach. I’ll try and rest before I go help with the aforementioned move..I only have to be there in 6 hours lol

Ciao people xo




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