Yeah ok

Decided not to post this weekend as all I do is bitch and complain  and rarely say anything good that’s going on. Hopefully next weekend I hope I have something good to say. 




Maybe I do expect to much or tale things for granted. I always wanted to be more popular than I am yet day after day, hour after hour I sit here alone talking to no one.

I know the reason why too. Beside from having anxiety attacks and with the shingles I had (and still to) it’s exhausting on me. Now with my knew acting wonky on me it’s had to get around add to the fact that I am incredibly shy around groups of people doesn’t help. Yet rather than go out and do stuff I sit here at home waiting for things to happen that never do.

Hopefully someday soon I will feel better and be better so I can actually do things.


OMG is it Spring yet?

Yeah. from the title I assume you get it. Here it is April 9th and there is still snow on the ground and a little below seasonal weather brr.

Well to start here’s your/my weekly shingle update. Still have it, but it is going away. The pain is still there but it’s not as much a large area, just around the back on the left side of my neck. I can actually run it and not get any pains when I do it.

So today I get to help a friend move. I really hope I don’t have to do any heavy lifting and hope to heck she doesn’t have a washing machine or fridge.

Well got my hair cut and not to sound racist or mean anything bad by it, but it was cut by a white person (who understood me when I told her what I wanted). I actually like it more than my last hair cut. Too bad no one at work noticed or commented on it. I am sure they saw it but kept their mouths shut.

Not even 6am here and I’m almost done my first cup of coffee…why am I up though??? Maybe my neck is bothering me a little, but then again it could be my stomach. I’ll try and rest before I go help with the aforementioned move..I only have to be there in 6 hours lol

Ciao people xo



Good Job!

Well again I had a list of stuff to say, but it was all in my mind (and I didn’t writ it down of course ). But one thing is that I had my mid-year review and was told by my manager I was basically single handedly responsibly for the success of our department last fiscal period. Woo Hoo!. Of course there was no money involved and she only told me to my face and not anyone else. I hope the powers that be do know this and appreciate all my hard work. I also told her that I want some sort of change be it in our department or else where. And she fully understands that.

Not going to say much about my shingles – still have them – still hurts – and I think they are slowly getting better. I just want them gone.