With a puppy on my lap

I wrote this last weekend and I guess it was never published.

Well here I am again prepared but unprepared at the same time. I thought of things to write and thought of writing them down too but I guess I said to my self “I’ll remember that”.

Of course my daughter and my fiance are both upstairs sleeping; which is the perfect time for writing.  Now just have to recall what I wanted to write about.

Well going to start with my shingle update. Still have it. still hurts, buts going from a 10 pain level down to a 7 and the one I had when I woke up didn’t last that long. Plus I didn’t have any yesterday that started by itself (without me rubbing it). So hopefully this still means I am on the mend (really wish it would hurry up and heal so I can sleep.

Speaking of sleep I called in sick this past Monday as I was exhausted. I slept for 3 hours straight which was nice and just wish I could do that at night.

Pretty sure I am fighting my yearly depression late this year. Its never serious or to the point I would do something stupid. I just get sad and lonely. It too like my shingles will pass. Doesn’t help that no one talks to me at work and when I get home half the time no one listens to me, or I have to repeat what I said 2-3 times – which only makes me frustrated.

Oh my sister said she will go to my fiances B-Day party next weekend…only she replied through my oldest daughter to tell me  – I guess she doesn’t have my number. That’s fine cause I don’t think I have hers. Seriously if and when my parents pass away, I am sure I’d never see her again after that.

Well time to take the puppy off my lap, do some laundry and of course have more coffee

Ta-ta for now xo



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