Happy Easter

Dammit! Just wrote a bunch then hit CTL-A and oops deleted everything so no I am starting over again.

First I’ll update the shingles. Yeah I am still suffering from it but I think it’s slowly getting better. I am having some days where the pain doesn’t come on by itself and only really hurts when I rub the back of my neck or the left shoulder…I’ve actually been able to rub once or twice without any pain. The part that I really hate is that my left arm goes a bit numb and sadly I have that feeling most of the day.

Well its day 2 of a 4 day weekend and didn’t do anything much yesterday. Everything was closed so no where to go. The laundry is done so I have nothing to do this morning but drink coffee and write-right LOL.

I reconnected with a girl on Facebook this past week. She was the one I was kinda interested in right before I met the one I am with now. I know why I didn’t hook up with her. One mainly cause I was broke, and couldn’t afford to do anything and 2 she was a grandmother. I don’t know why I had a thing about dating grandmothers. Maybe cause it would make me feel old, or that I would be further down the list after they care for their own children. Selfish I know but that was just my opinion. Anyways she says shes married now and moving to Napanee this summer. For some reason red flags are coming up. Her FB profile doesn’t say she married only in a relationship and they guy I assume shes married too looks sketchy to me. Don’t worry there’s no chance of me going back with her, I just needed something to write about.

So today should be a busier day than yesterday. I NEED to go out and buy a cake for tonight for my fiances birthday dinner. I want to get my hair cut too and I just hope my neck with be able to handle the clippers (yeah its been a while since I cut my hair).

Then tomorrow we get to go to my fiances side of the family for a French Easter party…yeah I am ready to be ignored all day again. I just hope I am wrong.

Oh and Monday I get to go to the Doctors office for IEP testing results for my daughter and will have to shell out $925 for that. I just hope I can get most of it back through my insurance at work.

That’s all I have now and yeah of course I am sure I forgot to write stuff that I wanted too.

Talk to you later. gater.




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