Sadly, don’t assume I read it on Facebok.

Well my brother in law passed away this week from brain cancer after being married to my sister for 1 month and 2 days. But I am really not sure if that’s the sad part. I got a text from my BF on Tuesday letting me know, and on Wednesday morning I said his niece (one of my good friends) post this news on Facebook. I would have thought that my mother would have contacted me and let me know; I was wrong. Thursday afternoon my oldest messages me asking if this is true cause her Mother contacted her and let her know (they never met). So I contact my mother and ask and her reply was “I though you would have read it on Facebook” (I did , but that’s not the point). My friend posted it at 10:30 at night and I go to bed during the week around 9-9:30 since I get up at 5:45. So during those hours there are lots of post and if I don’t scroll down and down and down, there’s really no chance I would see the post. My point is that if it is important enough news, someone SHOULD tell someone the news and not assume they saw it or happened across it. I mean what if it was someone special to me (like my father for a poor example) I would be really shocked to find out they passes away, by coming across it on Facebook. I’d hope someone would call me to tell me. A Facebook message would be acceptable to pass news if you had to tell someone since they would read that as soon as they logged on; at least I do anyways.

OK that’s of my chest and hope I got my point across, without coming across as an asshole or something.

I’m not going to get into the recent petty acts between his family and mine (think Hatfield’s and McCoy’s) I’ll sit on the sidelines on my lawn chair, eating my popcorn, remaining neutral and enjoy the show (more drama). No one better not ask me to choice sides!

So last weekend my fiance invested in a Keurig. I am not really sure why as the coffee machine I had was  fine (just aging slowly), and I am the one who drinks coffee daily and she just has coffee on the weekends. I didn’t think I would like it, but once I figured out some of the buttons its not bad, and I even get to drink my same brand of coffee using an adapter.

Just took a 2 minute break and checked my number and yes I did win something. Looks like a free ticket and I think $14, sweet! I’d sooner have more and yeah I do have a ticket for tonight’s draw as well.

Shingle? Yeah I still have them, do I think they are getting better? Maybe. Its feels there is a constant hair pulling feeling at the back of my neck and the occasional itchiness.I can withstand the itchiness, but every now and then I just get a pain without even touching it and my left shoulder gets sore and I can feel a numbness in my left hand (both go away eventually). Yeah its going on 2+ months now, and there’s not much I can do about it 😦 .

Well time to hit the post button and go off and see what I can do today in this double digit spring weather day (hopefully something that I can feel like I did something).

adios amigos xo



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