Well I thought I was ready 

Ugh! doing today’s blog from my iPhone and it was deleted and I wasn’t able to save it, so writing it again (and edited after on my computer).

I though and hoped that I would have slept in this morning but my fiances snoring woke me up again. I should have just gone to the guest room but alas too late.

My daughter and her friend are here, fully awake and filled with pancakes. I’m on my 3rd load of laundry and the last loads in the dryer; so much fun. I really hope they go back upstairs soon so I can have some peace and quiet.

Update and the shingles … Well still have it but it’s slowly (very slowly) getting better. It still gets itchy and still hurts when I just have to rub it; and I can only hold off for so long.

Well my first week of wearing reading glasses at work was ok. I do think I need s higher strength though. I’m using a +1.00 and might need a 1.25 or 1.50 as some words are still a bit blurrier than they should be. I am still getting used to them though, and have to get used to looking though the glasses, and not use my peripheral vision as much. But as little strength they are, they are helping.

I wonder what I should do after I get rid of the kids later on. Unfortunately I’m kinda broke due to the fact I went grocery shopping twice and have to loan my oldest daughter some money. Maybe I’ll go back to bed haha.

Well going to hit post, then put my glasses on to see all my mistakes.

Ta ta for now xo


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