Another weekend

So yeah, I missed posting last weekend. I thought about it and I guess I didn’t really have a whole lot to say or maybe was just too busy. Did any one miss reading my posts?

If any of you read the news about Ottawa this week, we got a whole crap load of snow on Tuesday night, something like 51 cm and the schools were closed both Wednesday and Thursday. I took Thursday off as a snow day as it may be the last one I am able to take. I used the reason my daughter was too immature to stay home alone. Its not a total lie, as I don’t think she is but I didn’t have her, and did spend most of the day shoveling anyways.

My shingle?  Well I still have them, and I do think they are slowly getting better. It only hurts if I rub the back of my neck now and my collar bone is itchy at times too. Sometimes the pain attacks are more spread out on my left neck and shoulder. At least the pain only lasts for 2-3 minutes, thankfully.

Well have my youngest here this weekend again and the plan today is going to the movies. She and my fiance are going to see Zoolander 2, and I am going to see Deadpool…so everyone is happy. She wanted to see Deadpool with me but it is rated R so I told her they wouldn’t let her in to the theater, at least I won’t have to spend half the film answering questions and miss parts of the movie.

So thought I had a way to catch up on some debts. Some investment company contacted me with money I had earned back in 2006 and when I went to try and claim it they said I had to be 55 years old or in financial hardship. well I’m not 55 yet and as for hardship it would be great to clear off a debt that I have been forever paying. So I sent another letter and made it attention to a supervisor so (crossing finger) I hope I get some money as it would really help.

Oh I almost forgot last weekend we (my fiance, my BF and 4) others went to an escape room ( . It was a blast and we had fun. Unfortunately, we ran out of time on the last lock so ended up loosing. we are making plans to go to another one…at the end of August at the Diefenbunker (google it). So hopefully we will be able to escape that one 🙂

Well I guess I am off to enjoy the weekend now (as I hear footsteps). Have a great one…and who knows I may be back later.


**so I didn’t get to see Deadpool this weekend but my fiancé said she’ll go with me next weekend. Zoolander 2 wasn’t that bad, and was a kinda stupid funny. 





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