So after my initial disappointment of my oldest not being able to come to my birthday dinner, the whole dinner fell apart and was cancelled. This is because of my evil nemesis…my sister. Shes a year and a half younger (but looks older) and we’re not close at all. We see each other maybe 2-3 times a year (1-2 times more than I’d like) and hardly say anything to each other when we do.

Anyways turns out she is getting married tonight (yeah I found this out Thursday night) which is why may parents cancelled my b-day dinner (yeah I know I sound I am being selfish, but my sister is really an attention seeker – I have 46 years of knowing her to know and not going to write her history here cause I have other things I would rather do). It’s her second marriage as she got divorced from the first one. I thought she would never marry again. I am actually not big on my birthday anyways so almost glad it’s cancelled/postponed, just not glad cause she’s the one who caused it. FYI she wasn’t invited to my dinner anyways – or I didn’t want to invite her LOL.

Anyways the guy she is marrying has cancer and has only been given 6 months to live. I don’t think he’s rich and don’t know anything about their relationship. I do know the guy as her grew up a mile away from my childhood residence (didn’t think much of him then though, but hey that’s 40 some years ago, and people change). Not to sound mean, but I hope I don’t have to go to the funeral – I hate funerals more than I hate my birthday parties.

I may run into some people I used to know growing up and there is one friend who won’t be going cause I heard she was barred from going (sorry don’t know the details…if I did I would do it too and get myself barred).

Of course I do wish them health and happiness…a little more emphasis on health since well, 6 months isn’t very long.

I think that’s whats been on my mind the past couple days and its only one night and a smallish ceremony.

ciao for now xo



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