Mid-week Rant

Wow now that I actually have a moment to write I have noting to write. Sure I should write notes when the idea hits me, but its kinda hard to write legibly at 3 am in the morning especially if I am having a shingles moment and would rather be lying peacefully and silently in bet, rather than rolling on the carpet in pain. … It is slowly (very slowly) getting better.
Oh did I mention how much I dislike February. I swear it feels like I am pressured into having a birthday and sometimes I think I’d rather not have one. If I didn’t have my youngest I don’t think I would. Just me and a pizza ❤ lol

My oldest isn’t able to come cause she’s working nights this weekend and said she can’t afford it either (we made a rain check to have supper with them and heir puppy too). Also, if I had my birthday on my birthday I would be competing with the Super Bowl crowds (sorry not a football fan) so switched it to deal with the regular crowds on Saturday. 

Mid week rant done!

Peace-out xo




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