End of January

Well here it is the last Saturday of the month, hopefully meaning that winter is half way done. It hasn’t been too cold and not alot of snow (YAY). Surprisingly I’ve found myself in a better mood recently (a little anyways), hopefully that’s a good thing. I still think I do have to work a little harder on my relationship and get over the funk of seemingly having not too many friends to talk to, or any to hangout with.

A feel a bit older as my oldest daughter turned 19 yesterday and is now legal to drink in ALL Canadian provinces. Of course once her birthday is done, means mine is just over a week away. Of course I don’t know what I want, or where I want to go eat for supper lol.

Did I mention that I had a dose of shingles last week? (Yeah I looked back to last weeks post and I did). Well I finally went to the doctor and with out actually still having them the doctor was 99% sure. Of course I still get the pains in my shoulder, and they hurt (not like hell) but enough to wake me in pain. I think they aren’t as wide spread over the shoulder and neck as they used to be, and it only hurts for 2-3 minutes (of course when I am in pain it seems like longer). So far only happened once when I was driving so pulled into a parking lot as I didn’t think driving in pain was a good idea.


That’s what it looked like after it was really bad and getting better. At least the flaky scab wasn’t there anymore. If I ever start feeling it coming back again I am suppose to go to the doctors again and hopefully be able to get a shot.

Wow I guess I should read last weeks posts first before I write a new one I added (and since deleted a paragraph that was almost a duplicate of last weeks. There goes my word count oops. Oh well I filled it in with this poaragraph instead.

Maybe I should pull out the novel I was working on before and fill in the blanks and finish it before I go back and add and change things. I just have to figure out one key plot…

Anyways back to my coffee and Saturday morning cartoons.

Cheers xo



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