Why oh why do I feel myself being pissed off so much? Maybe its things just don’t seem to be going my way? Maybe it seems that I am doing too much and getting so little in return? Maybe my expectations are too high and no one just can’t meet my expectations? Yeah I think it’s all of the above. What’s that saying; no one knows what you do until you stop doing it. Maybe I should stop doing it.

I am not going to go into too many details (if any) as I am just ranting, but trust me there are a bunch at home and at the office too. At least at the office I can voice my concerns to a manager. Hear at home is a different story…there’s no one to talk to 😦

Here at home I do the majority of the cooking and cleaning and laundry as well as anything that has to be done outside (shoveling, lawn care and garbage) Of course she helps sometimes but I am sick of the excuse that she worked overtime or it was too busy at work -Hello? I work my ass off too, but you don’t see me complain. The one thing that REALLY pisses me off is when I work and shes off for the day and I come home then have to make supper (medical appointments aside) she sits on her phone and plays on Facebook all day.

Maybe I should go out and talk to a friend but oh wait I don’t have anyone close enough to talk to and not about to post my dirty laundry all over social media – here its different cause no one really knows me. Sometimes I don’t even know myself. I guess I’ll figure it out someday.

OK rant over going to TRY and enjoy this day even if it means going out alone and doing things I wanna do.

Cheers xo




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