What if?


Ok yeah so I missed writing this past weekend so going to do it remotely from work; as long as my boss doesn’t see me do it. I’m way off in a corner so there is no one behind me or beside me so all is good lol.Have you ever thought “what if” ? I have recently and was looking through my friends list on some who I dated or even had a date with and while most had good qualities, I can’t help but wonder if I actually dated them seriouly what would happen? Some would have bled my wallet dry (shes no longer on my list) and others would have caused me to move away from Ottawa to other parts of Ontario (yeah I did consider it at one point). Some tried to bring me out of my comfort zone (kinda wish I kept on talking to her). And of course theres the one from school who told you that she had a big crush on you (and I did on here) but nothing ever happened between us (too late now as she’s in the UK). But I think the really sad part it all came down to money which I didn’t have. Its kinda hard to date someone when you have $50 in your pocket and have to make that last till the next payday.

Of course in time things change and I do have more money in my pocket now (not a lot but enough to relax a little). I just wonder where I would be if I was with any of them and not with whom I am now…



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