It’s a new year

So yeah even after saying I would write everyday for me new years resolution, I didn’t write a word yesterday; good start eh? Mentally I dreamed a lifetime but none of it made it to ink or the computer screen.

My New Years Eve was good; surprisingly. We went to the Casino in Lac Lemay (Gatineau Quebec). I only had 4 drinks so wasn’t drunk at all. I did manage a minor buzz but that was gone by the time we left. I did try playing the slots machines. The first one I walked up to I inserted $5 and took a spin and BAM it was gone. I don’t gamble often so only had little idea what I was doing. So screw these $5 machine and decided to go to the penny slots. I walked up to 2 empty ones and looked at both, and the one on the left seemed to call to me; I inserted $10 and started to play. My score I guess you call it went up and as I stared playing; but that’s usual. I changed my bets up and down as I went along.Β  I was slowly getting a bit bored and was going to soon cash out and get my money back. Suddenly, bells and whistles went off seriously what the heck? My score had dramatically increased, Instead of sitting at $13 I was looking at over $180. My fiance said to quite right away but used a few more turns to round down to $180 and left the casino very, very happy.

Now that today is the second I plan on going shopping later today. No idea what I want to buy and part of me says “be responsible” but I am currently not speaking to that part of me lol

Just have to wait a few hours before sleepyhead gets up so we can go…she was already planing on going shopping, and I was going too with my Christmas money – just now I have more money to shop with πŸ™‚

Happy New Years all πŸ™‚ xo


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