So glad it’s over…

Well not to be a scrooge but I do not enjoy the Christmas season, I have no idea why but I just don’t.  A few years ago when I was single I used to take the Christmas tree down Christmas night so on boxing day it was like it never happened. Now I have to leave it up until boxing day 😦

Oh now I remembered why I don’t like Christmas – on 2 occasions before I planned on proposing the my then current girlfriend and we broke up before I even had the chance – one time I returned the ring to the store and used the money to keep me all warm and numb with alcohol and the second time I never even had the chance to buy the ring. I guess I shouldn’t think about that now as I am with someone else.

It wasn’t to bad for Christmas thought, just seemed a little weird with my oldest now on her own with her boyfriend and I guess it wasn’t the same as it used to be. Oh well I am sure when my youngest moves out it be be even weirder again.

Supper for Christmas was odd, I wasn’t up to it and just anxiety from the whole day just made me exhausted and put me in a bad kinda mood. It wasn’t as bad as dinner on boxing day where everyone was speaking french (where as I don’t) so I guess I know how Rudolph felt being left out. The way they were laughing I assume the were having fun. I know they weren’t laughing at me so that’s one good thing.

Now I am looking out side and it looks kinda nasty out; snowing and freezing rain UGH. My youngest wants to go see the new Star Wars movies and the theater is only a kilometer away so it shouldn’t be to bad to go that far. I really don’t want to drive to her friends place so she can exchange presents (unless her step mother is there) lol

I guess I have to put up pictures in my daughters room that she got for Christmas and  tomorrow when I am kid free I would really like to go shopping for some new clothes cause sometimes I just feel like a bum and I am starting to hate the clothes i have lol

Well guess I should be off and do something before everyone starts waking up

tata for now xo





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