Christmas Eve (in review)

Well that was just one long-assed day. I woke up at 430 or something like that, and I didn’t even have to go to work. I was sure I would have napped at some point (but didn’t).

At around 5 I went and picked up my daughter from work (and her boyfriend too) and went to her Grandmothers house for the traditional Christmas eve dinner. I think my ex-MIL (mother in law) is loosing it though she had me go get the chairs from up stairs for starters and my ex’s fiance was there just socializing.  We get along but he has one of those personalities you can only handle for so long so I was glad I could leave the room lol.

I had to set up my youngest daughters new iPhone so the ex-MIL called up the provider and authorized me to talk to the tech over the phone. I don’t think she realized what she said BUT she called me her son in law LMAO. I didn’t say anything, but it was funny.

It’s just after 7 am here now as I type this the fiance and the dog are both sleeping. Picking up my youngest at noon (less then a km away) and waiting to hear from my oldest (and her BF) as to when I am going to go get them and from where. Once they are here they’ll open their presents, relax a bit then off to my folks place for the remainder of the day. After wards come back here drop off the youngest and the fiance and then drive my daughter and her BF back to there place. I wonder if I am going to get stopped by the RIDE program (I don’t plan on having more than one drink and that would be hours earlier). Of course once thats done, back home and hopefully to bed.

Merry Christmas one and all 😉 xo


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