Just a week to go and it’s all over…

Welcome to my weekly rant of insanity. I’m almost done my first coffee, 2 loads of wash are nearly done and it’s not even 7 am yet…fml

I really should take notes about all the things I want to talk about when I write this so when the time comes to write it I actually have something to say rather than just lines and lines of filler (in case you haven’t noticed what I  been doing so far ).

Oh! I saw Star Wars the Force Awakens yesterday, it was good, really good and don’t worry I am not posting any spoilers here. It was like a continuance to the other Star Wars movies, but its own movie where they are introducing new characters to replace the old ones we grew up with. The only problem with that was some of the older characters had reduced screen time and dialogue. But I guess that’s a good way of passing the torch to the next generation.

I guess I should say I also seen the movie by myself too. But I wasn’t the only one there were a few other older males there alone (guessing they were single or their wives/girlfriends didn’t want to see it: which was my case). I know I will back soon to see it again with my youngest; most likely this week or the week after unless someone else takes her.

I am now done done done my Christmas shopping and just have to get groceries and make meat pies now. I’d like to go to a place here called Bearbrook farms in Naven ON, where they sell wild meat (buffalo, elk, ostrich, etc) and put that in one of the pies as a tasty treat, but if time doesn’t allow then I guess it’s plain old pork and beef.  Once that’s all done I will hopefully be able to sit down and relax, I don’t know why Christmas stresses me out so much, it’s not even my favorite holiday. I guess I just hope that everyone likes what they get (and yeah that includes me too).

Well I think that’s all the time I have for now as I am loosing my concentration for writing and going to sit back and relax a little…maybe I’ll chill and watch some Netflix.

Ciao for now xo


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