Why am I up so early?

Well here it is Saturday and my day off and of course I’m awake; I’m always awake, its bloody 5:28 right now and I’ve already put a pot of coffee on so I have been up a while. UGH

Can’t really do anything at this hour either as the fiance and my daughter are still sound (hopefully) asleep. If you read my previous blogs you know I have 2 daughters but since one has grown up, and moved out I’ll probably never see her as often as I have. So when I say my daughter is here I will mean my youngest from now on.

Oh since my last post I am 99.9% done my shopping. Going to have to drag everything out though to make sure then I’ll have to wrap it; which is one thing I dislike doing, but it has to be done. We still need to put up the tree and probably rearrange some furniture, Of course with Penny (the dog) we’ll need to be careful with the ornaments so she won’t decide to play or chew any so I have a feeling the tree will look sparse – but that’s OK with me as it means there will be less to take down.

So yeah its December 12 today in Ottawa, Canada and guess how much snow we have – absolutely none. If it were any warmer I’d drag my shorts out as it’s 8 degrees Celsius outside right now and it’s suppose to stay above 0 until Christmas so if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas here you are out of luck lol. I’m not dreaming of one so I am fine (snow on Christmas day would be nice but until it does snow I don’t have to shovel i, walk in it, drive in it or deal with it at all.

I thought I had more to say – maybe I am just bottling up inside for a future blog…

Tata for now 😉





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