Well here it is early December and I am actually almost done my Christmas shopping. One more present for my youngest, my fiance, my mother and my daughter boyfriend and they are done (excluding stocking stuffers).  I have no ideas what to get my mother though and emailed my Dad, but he hasn’t replied to me yet. Then there’s my oldest whose just moves out so the tings I have gotten her have been practical so far. I am thinking of gift cards for places like Walmart or grocery stores but also want to get her something just for her…any ideas??

So far I have been a good little shopper and haven’t stressed out too much or had aisle anxiety issues…yet.

So once my fiance gets up (say in 3-5 hours) I will get to work on that (then I can shop for me hahahaha.

Short post but at least I wrote something.


2 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. I’m impressed that you’re almost finished with all of your shopping. I’ve barely even started mine. Also, I like the layout of your blog.
    Keep it nectar.

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