So glad it’s over…

Well not to be a scrooge but I do not enjoy the Christmas season, I have no idea why but I just don’t.  A few years ago when I was single I used to take the Christmas tree down Christmas night so on boxing day it was like it never happened. Now I have to leave it up until boxing day 😦

Oh now I remembered why I don’t like Christmas – on 2 occasions before I planned on proposing the my then current girlfriend and we broke up before I even had the chance – one time I returned the ring to the store and used the money to keep me all warm and numb with alcohol and the second time I never even had the chance to buy the ring. I guess I shouldn’t think about that now as I am with someone else.

It wasn’t to bad for Christmas thought, just seemed a little weird with my oldest now on her own with her boyfriend and I guess it wasn’t the same as it used to be. Oh well I am sure when my youngest moves out it be be even weirder again.

Supper for Christmas was odd, I wasn’t up to it and just anxiety from the whole day just made me exhausted and put me in a bad kinda mood. It wasn’t as bad as dinner on boxing day where everyone was speaking french (where as I don’t) so I guess I know how Rudolph felt being left out. The way they were laughing I assume the were having fun. I know they weren’t laughing at me so that’s one good thing.

Now I am looking out side and it looks kinda nasty out; snowing and freezing rain UGH. My youngest wants to go see the new Star Wars movies and the theater is only a kilometer away so it shouldn’t be to bad to go that far. I really don’t want to drive to her friends place so she can exchange presents (unless her step mother is there) lol

I guess I have to put up pictures in my daughters room that she got for Christmas and  tomorrow when I am kid free I would really like to go shopping for some new clothes cause sometimes I just feel like a bum and I am starting to hate the clothes i have lol

Well guess I should be off and do something before everyone starts waking up

tata for now xo





Christmas Eve (in review)

Well that was just one long-assed day. I woke up at 430 or something like that, and I didn’t even have to go to work. I was sure I would have napped at some point (but didn’t).

At around 5 I went and picked up my daughter from work (and her boyfriend too) and went to her Grandmothers house for the traditional Christmas eve dinner. I think my ex-MIL (mother in law) is loosing it though she had me go get the chairs from up stairs for starters and my ex’s fiance was there just socializing.  We get along but he has one of those personalities you can only handle for so long so I was glad I could leave the room lol.

I had to set up my youngest daughters new iPhone so the ex-MIL called up the provider and authorized me to talk to the tech over the phone. I don’t think she realized what she said BUT she called me her son in law LMAO. I didn’t say anything, but it was funny.

It’s just after 7 am here now as I type this the fiance and the dog are both sleeping. Picking up my youngest at noon (less then a km away) and waiting to hear from my oldest (and her BF) as to when I am going to go get them and from where. Once they are here they’ll open their presents, relax a bit then off to my folks place for the remainder of the day. After wards come back here drop off the youngest and the fiance and then drive my daughter and her BF back to there place. I wonder if I am going to get stopped by the RIDE program (I don’t plan on having more than one drink and that would be hours earlier). Of course once thats done, back home and hopefully to bed.

Merry Christmas one and all 😉 xo

Just a week to go and it’s all over…

Welcome to my weekly rant of insanity. I’m almost done my first coffee, 2 loads of wash are nearly done and it’s not even 7 am yet…fml

I really should take notes about all the things I want to talk about when I write this so when the time comes to write it I actually have something to say rather than just lines and lines of filler (in case you haven’t noticed what I  been doing so far ).

Oh! I saw Star Wars the Force Awakens yesterday, it was good, really good and don’t worry I am not posting any spoilers here. It was like a continuance to the other Star Wars movies, but its own movie where they are introducing new characters to replace the old ones we grew up with. The only problem with that was some of the older characters had reduced screen time and dialogue. But I guess that’s a good way of passing the torch to the next generation.

I guess I should say I also seen the movie by myself too. But I wasn’t the only one there were a few other older males there alone (guessing they were single or their wives/girlfriends didn’t want to see it: which was my case). I know I will back soon to see it again with my youngest; most likely this week or the week after unless someone else takes her.

I am now done done done my Christmas shopping and just have to get groceries and make meat pies now. I’d like to go to a place here called Bearbrook farms in Naven ON, where they sell wild meat (buffalo, elk, ostrich, etc) and put that in one of the pies as a tasty treat, but if time doesn’t allow then I guess it’s plain old pork and beef.  Once that’s all done I will hopefully be able to sit down and relax, I don’t know why Christmas stresses me out so much, it’s not even my favorite holiday. I guess I just hope that everyone likes what they get (and yeah that includes me too).

Well I think that’s all the time I have for now as I am loosing my concentration for writing and going to sit back and relax a little…maybe I’ll chill and watch some Netflix.

Ciao for now xo

Why am I up so early?

Well here it is Saturday and my day off and of course I’m awake; I’m always awake, its bloody 5:28 right now and I’ve already put a pot of coffee on so I have been up a while. UGH

Can’t really do anything at this hour either as the fiance and my daughter are still sound (hopefully) asleep. If you read my previous blogs you know I have 2 daughters but since one has grown up, and moved out I’ll probably never see her as often as I have. So when I say my daughter is here I will mean my youngest from now on.

Oh since my last post I am 99.9% done my shopping. Going to have to drag everything out though to make sure then I’ll have to wrap it; which is one thing I dislike doing, but it has to be done. We still need to put up the tree and probably rearrange some furniture, Of course with Penny (the dog) we’ll need to be careful with the ornaments so she won’t decide to play or chew any so I have a feeling the tree will look sparse – but that’s OK with me as it means there will be less to take down.

So yeah its December 12 today in Ottawa, Canada and guess how much snow we have – absolutely none. If it were any warmer I’d drag my shorts out as it’s 8 degrees Celsius outside right now and it’s suppose to stay above 0 until Christmas so if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas here you are out of luck lol. I’m not dreaming of one so I am fine (snow on Christmas day would be nice but until it does snow I don’t have to shovel i, walk in it, drive in it or deal with it at all.

I thought I had more to say – maybe I am just bottling up inside for a future blog…

Tata for now 😉





Well here it is early December and I am actually almost done my Christmas shopping. One more present for my youngest, my fiance, my mother and my daughter boyfriend and they are done (excluding stocking stuffers).  I have no ideas what to get my mother though and emailed my Dad, but he hasn’t replied to me yet. Then there’s my oldest whose just moves out so the tings I have gotten her have been practical so far. I am thinking of gift cards for places like Walmart or grocery stores but also want to get her something just for her…any ideas??

So far I have been a good little shopper and haven’t stressed out too much or had aisle anxiety issues…yet.

So once my fiance gets up (say in 3-5 hours) I will get to work on that (then I can shop for me hahahaha.

Short post but at least I wrote something.