Aren’t you lucky, you get 2 posts on the same weekend.

Today is about presents and how I dislike shopping for people who don’t know what they want, Take for example my youngest daughter. She gave me a list of dolls she wants (personally I think she is getting too old for them). I did buy her 2 and I know her grandparents and my ex (her mother) have bought her some as well so I am done buying dolls this year! But the other things she wants are, well overpriced for the amount of use they will be getting. She wants an Xbox something or other and they run like $400 or something like that, then you have to buy a game for another $50 and right now shes only here every second weekend and 2 times during the week.
I don’t want her to take it back to her place cause I’ll never see it again and I really can’t justify it 😦  Maybe I could get a game for myself lol but then it would just be in the basement with the other systems collecting dust.I guess I will figure something out; she does have a list of gift cards she wants and can use that might be easier. I know my oldest wants things for her house and I can just picture myself going to the store with her just putting kitchen/house crap into the cart. I do want to get her something just for her and maybe a small something for her boyfriend.

I already know some of the things I am getting which is kinda too bad. I know I asked for them but at the same time I like to be a little surprised. I got a jacket which I kinda had to pick out and try on so that makes a little sense and will be wearing it to a Christmas party this week too.  I also saw 2 other things and wasn’t even looking for them, but when you leave a white plastic bag on your dresser that gives the name of the store and you can see the  box through the bag “oh well,, one less surprise for me”..

I can’t wait for payday this wee though. I will hopefully be able to finish my shopping for everyone…just have to figure out what to get.

Oh I should mention that malls really stress me out this time of year too, pushy people (warning I push back) and the blaring of crapmas music too – means will bring my headphones when I go shopping haha.

That’s it for now, unless i think of something more…



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