I know

Yeah yeah I know I am not posting as often as I told myself I would. too much on my mind with Christmas just around the corner and I have only put a dent into my shopping so far (just waiting for my next pay). Plus there is also the fact that my oldest is moving out (not sure if i said that last time; but yeah she is) I helped bring over some boxes to her Boyfriend’s mother place last night so haven’t even seen her place yet. Tomorrow she is coming with a truck for some of the bugger things her and from her mothers place. Oh I guess I didn’t mention that my ex is moving as well….least it;s not much further away and its a left instead of a right at the lights…just don’t know the address yet. I just hope she comes get the desk that’s in the basement.

OK that’s enough of that moving stuff.

I confirmed that I work with idiots. One guy is panicking that he is falling behind on his work so of course I help. And then while doing my own work I see him socializing; seriously?! Yeah my helping him slowed to a bare minimum. I am not sure if the next 2 weeks will be easier or harder as our department is moving 5 floors down so we have to pack up a crap load of files as well as our won stuff (least I don’t have much).

Home life still up and down. My other half had the week off and out of a possible 4 days she didn’t make me supper once but did buy me McDonald’s. I should remember that when I come home from work and yeah on Thursday when I have my work party- guess whose not making supper lol

I think that’s all I had on my mind-at least recently) so glad i could get if off my chest,

Ta-ta for now 🙂




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