Back again

Well looks like its been a month since my last post and while I thought about it; I haven’t done it. I know that I should just do it, it’s just that I like to do it on the laptop.

Whats been going on, well a lot and then a lot of nothing at the same time.

Firstly my oldest is moving out of her moms place and moving into a place with her boyfriend whom she’s only  been seeing for 3 months (by the time they move in). I’ve told her that a) I wish that she would have completed school and b) she would have at least have dated him for a while longer. I guess in the back of my mind it is stressing me even though I will be having some extra cash since I am no longer responsible for support payments for her..

Once she has gone I get to move my youngest daughter into her old (and bigger) room and turn her room into a guest room…fun stuff

My life at home is getting better as long as I exude patience and know what to expect. I grew a mustache for movember and got sick of it so I shaved it off…no one noticed (or at least said anything for over 24 hours and yeah it wasn’t my partner either…But at least someone did notice,

Work is going but its going to be harder in the next 3 weeks. One lady is leaving which leaves us more short-staffed and I am thee one whose going to be taking over her work load until we hire more people at the end of November and then there’s the fact that our department is changing floors so by the sounds of it I will have to do most of the packing and unpacking of all the files (Yeah I do expect little helps from the other idiots I work with.

OK that’s all I got for now and hopefully my next blog won’t be another month away….but with the Christmas season coming I hope I don’t get that busy.


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