What was the best day of your life?

I saw that question asked on Facebook and wasn’t going to write my answer there so a world of strangers can read it.
Of course the first one is the birth of my daughters, but after that it gets tricky.
Was it the very first time I kissed Samantha? My face was glowing and I felt great after that. Or, was it the time I met Sue for the first time? Maybe it was that infamous kiss in the Timmies parking lot when I met France. Yeah those were all great moments. Right up there with winning the air band contest in high school or the softball championship. Signing my first autograph was kinda special (I doubt she still has it). Maybe it was the day I finally learned to read? Connected to the Internet? Saved my best friends life (only to have him ignore me years later-asshole).

You know what I can’t really decide – they were all special at the time they happened but now I’m not too sure. Kissing Samantha and meeting Sue were great; but those events mean nothing in my life now. Same with the Softball championship or winning the air bands both great moments but have no impact on my life now.

I guess I really can’t decide. I just have to make the best of every day and maybe today will be the best day of my life?


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