There’s Nothing Worse than a Leafs Fan

OMG seriously. There is nothing worst than a leafs fan. They whine and cry when there team doesn’t win and then come up with reason (out of thin air) why they didn’t win.They think they are Canada team but they are from the city that is the arm pit of the country. Sure its a nice place to visit, but I would never ever want to live there, Personally I think all the teams there suck.

The part that gets me the most is how they insult the other team after they loose. I know I have never insulted a city for beating my team. They lost; oh well, I get over it. Maybe I should do unto others lol


My day?

My day? Well thank you for asking;It was great and was actually fun and was chatting with some of my coworkers for the first time….

…then I came home and it sucked (except for seeing my daughter who ignored me most of the night.

What was the best day of your life?

I saw that question asked on Facebook and wasn’t going to write my answer there so a world of strangers can read it.
Of course the first one is the birth of my daughters, but after that it gets tricky.
Was it the very first time I kissed Samantha? My face was glowing and I felt great after that. Or, was it the time I met Sue for the first time? Maybe it was that infamous kiss in the Timmies parking lot when I met France. Yeah those were all great moments. Right up there with winning the air band contest in high school or the softball championship. Signing my first autograph was kinda special (I doubt she still has it). Maybe it was the day I finally learned to read? Connected to the Internet? Saved my best friends life (only to have him ignore me years later-asshole).

You know what I can’t really decide – they were all special at the time they happened but now I’m not too sure. Kissing Samantha and meeting Sue were great; but those events mean nothing in my life now. Same with the Softball championship or winning the air bands both great moments but have no impact on my life now.

I guess I really can’t decide. I just have to make the best of every day and maybe today will be the best day of my life?

RAM it Up

Well finally got around to arranging to get the 4GB of  ram for my lap top last night and yeah it is much quicker than it was 🙂

SO now I think I will migrate my prime use to the laptop from the desktop. Of course I will use the desktop for banking a primary download and storage of movies, music and books..

Hopefully this will also remind me to write more too and ny write more I mean more than just blog..then again its not like anyone reads this.

Oh started reading a new book on the bus and while I know it’s not possible but it seems like my ideas were stolen 😦 But then maybe I subconsciously stole his in the book before anyways I will have to think up a new (and better) idea for more for mine.

Wow that’s only a 150 words? Seems much longer than that

Just writing cause its suppose to be good practice

t was a dark and stormy night, wolves could be heard howling in the hills and there was a thick fog on the ground. Suddenly there was an eerie silence followed by a clump-squeak, clump-squeak sound.

The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and then boomingly there was a loud bang-bang-bang on the door. Slowly I approached the door; seeing flashes of lightning through the windows.

I opened the door slowly and there you were in a yellow rain jacket with a little red wagon behind you. In the wagon were many small boxes covered in a clear plastic tarp.

Another flash of lighting brought out eyes to look into one another and you spoke

“Do you wanna buy some girl guide cookies”

 Ok well thats not really how I met her, but it was almost just as creepy.

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, it was more like a warm summers evening.

It was the forth of july weekend and I was watching the fireworks when I first spotted her/

She was wearing jean shorts and a white shirt top, tied in the front. A red headband held back her blond hair. She was with a group of girls and for some reason I can’t recall what any of them looked like.

She was walking by me barefoot through the grass carrying her sandals in one hand, and a pop bottle in the other.

“Aren’t you afraid you’re going to step on something?” I call to her.

Her green eyes turned to me

” I wouldn’t have it any other way” and he face lit up like a kid on Christmas

“I love the feeling of grass going between my toes and the feeling of sand on my feet” Her pace slowed and she started heading in my direction.

“You should try it” She titled her head and motioned toward my black converse.

“But I hardly know you” was the only reply I could think of

The next thing I know she had sat down on the hill beside me

 “HI, my names Cheryl” She dropped her shoes and stuck out her hand.

I stuck out my hand and felt the warmth of her hand in mine.

“Hi, I’m Chris”

The handshake lasted longer than the customary 3 seconds and she slowly dragged it out of mine..

Was this what love at first contact felt like? Until that point in my life I never felt that way before