Sunday Morning again

Well seems my laptop is having issues with Firefox again and won;t let me browse. At least it lets me on WordPress so that’s a good thing.

You know I really don’t know what sets me off anymore, I was having a good day yesterday and then suddenly I just didn’t want to be around anyone who was near me. I wanted something else, I wanted someone else, I don’t know what or who, but I wanted a change.

Weird dreams recently; thankfully i guess not about anyone in particular, but there were a few people in them that I knew. I told myself that I did sleep with one of them but in reality I haven’t).  I know at one point I wanted to, but not anymore.

Yeah I am m not really saying a lot here more just typing to avoiding writing which is something I know i should be doing but just can’t get back into it 😦

Thats all for now as I hear foot steps and the last thing i want is for someone looking over my shoulders ` sigh


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