IMG_7499So yeah I got my tattoo yesterday. It was one of things I wanted to do this summer. Well actually wanted to wait till summer was over so I could enjoy being out in the sun and go swimming (if I had the chance) but now I don’t have to worry about it.

It was one of those designs that just fell into place quickly. I found the raven pic online and it needed it something else; maybe colour, so when I added the red ring I knew it was right. This is of course after my daughter told me they were doing walk in tattoos at the Ink Spot (Ottawa, ON). Looking at it now I am satisfied of course. Maybe I would have made it just a tiny bit smaller and just a tad to the right more but too late now.

I am going to scrap my other design of a raven in a tree with the moon as there were too may things I wasn’t satisfied with. Maybe just keep the moon, delete the tree and raven (since I already have one now) and add a wolf? No rush of course; unlike my daughter I don’t get multiple tattoos a month lol.


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