Well here it is Saturday again and time for my weekly bitch-fest.

i personally don’t know about you or your lifestyle, but at our place I do most of the cooking; or all of it when my daughters come. So last night i get home and my partner has been off since noon and was out visiting. As soon as she get home she asks me whats for supper? Fuck really the kitchen is right there and at this moment I am not hungry (yeah i lied a little), So she goes into the kitchen and heats up some leftovers- really was that so hard?? I think what I plan to implement that there be one day a week where I don’t cook (I guess I better have a back up plan so I won’t starve).

So my dad had an operation Thursday and I told her about it, she totally forgot and thought it was next week. Personally I think she forgot. Looks like she made some plans for a girls night out- she hasn’t told me yet either 😦

Oh one thing more to bitch about. I was informed that she wants to go swimming this weekend…my youngest just got her hair dyed yesterday (after I was informed this so can’t go) and I really didn’t want to go, or seem that I have a choice fml….maybe I should rush out and get a tattoo so I CAN”T go either mwhahaha

CIao 4 now


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