Didn’t write today 

So yeah I didn’t site today. You didn’t read either which is kinda ironic since I’m reading a book about not procrastinating lol 

Blogging is writing isn’t it? I think so.

Can’t seem to see a certain someone on Facebook but at least I know where I can see the smiling face.

Wow one week from now I’ll be on Niagara Falls going to be weird waking up with no computer. Guess I’ll bring the iPad in case I want to do better writing (as this is on my iPhone). 

Ok so there I written some words lol. Night y’all 


Sunday Morning again

Well seems my laptop is having issues with Firefox again and won;t let me browse. At least it lets me on WordPress so that’s a good thing.

You know I really don’t know what sets me off anymore, I was having a good day yesterday and then suddenly I just didn’t want to be around anyone who was near me. I wanted something else, I wanted someone else, I don’t know what or who, but I wanted a change.

Weird dreams recently; thankfully i guess not about anyone in particular, but there were a few people in them that I knew. I told myself that I did sleep with one of them but in reality I haven’t).  I know at one point I wanted to, but not anymore.

Yeah I am m not really saying a lot here more just typing to avoiding writing which is something I know i should be doing but just can’t get back into it 😦

Thats all for now as I hear foot steps and the last thing i want is for someone looking over my shoulders ` sigh


IMG_7499So yeah I got my tattoo yesterday. It was one of things I wanted to do this summer. Well actually wanted to wait till summer was over so I could enjoy being out in the sun and go swimming (if I had the chance) but now I don’t have to worry about it.

It was one of those designs that just fell into place quickly. I found the raven pic online and it needed it something else; maybe colour, so when I added the red ring I knew it was right. This is of course after my daughter told me they were doing walk in tattoos at the Ink Spot (Ottawa, ON). Looking at it now I am satisfied of course. Maybe I would have made it just a tiny bit smaller and just a tad to the right more but too late now.

I am going to scrap my other design of a raven in a tree with the moon as there were too may things I wasn’t satisfied with. Maybe just keep the moon, delete the tree and raven (since I already have one now) and add a wolf? No rush of course; unlike my daughter I don’t get multiple tattoos a month lol.


Well here it is Saturday again and time for my weekly bitch-fest.

i personally don’t know about you or your lifestyle, but at our place I do most of the cooking; or all of it when my daughters come. So last night i get home and my partner has been off since noon and was out visiting. As soon as she get home she asks me whats for supper? Fuck really the kitchen is right there and at this moment I am not hungry (yeah i lied a little), So she goes into the kitchen and heats up some leftovers- really was that so hard?? I think what I plan to implement that there be one day a week where I don’t cook (I guess I better have a back up plan so I won’t starve).

So my dad had an operation Thursday and I told her about it, she totally forgot and thought it was next week. Personally I think she forgot. Looks like she made some plans for a girls night out- she hasn’t told me yet either 😦

Oh one thing more to bitch about. I was informed that she wants to go swimming this weekend…my youngest just got her hair dyed yesterday (after I was informed this so can’t go) and I really didn’t want to go, or seem that I have a choice fml….maybe I should rush out and get a tattoo so I CAN”T go either mwhahaha

CIao 4 now