Last day

So yeah had a lot on my mind since the other night and not really sure where to start.

Well guess today is my last day of holidays before I head back to work tomorrow. Didn’t really feel like we did anything or go anywhere. Not sure who or if the blame falls on anyone or anything; maybe that’s just the way it goes this year. Seriously made me upset that when I think about it I almost want to cry.

Oh thank you Facebook memories for reminding me of things I’d sooner forget. I was happy to see pics of my cousins wedding 5 years ago, and the picture of me and my daughters dressed to the nines. BUT I didn’t see a pic of my girlfriend who had just dumped me a few days before. The picture of me smiling was just an act. Sure I was happy for the couple but I was torn on the inside.

Maybe I only had two things, but did seem like a lot when I was thinking about it. Now that I have written it down here, I don’t have to keep it in my head any longer…right?


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