Looking for a circus to join…

Well to this is the last weekend of my holidays and I’ve done sweet fuck all, I mean seriously nothing. If you really want to know the highlights I bought a wallet tonight and a deck box for the back yard the other day. One daughter was working most of the time and the other was either at her friends or her friend was here and since her friend is a pain in the ass, I really didn’t want to take her with us.   Hopefully next will be better.  

Tomorrow; Saturday we get to go shopping yay. I just wonder how many stores I can get away with before my youngest begs to come home (not to self go to the store to buy the present last)   This is for Sunday, and this (daughters friend) has a cute mother (but married). Oh well least I am able to chat with here a bit. 

FYI writing all of this on my iPad and yeah I am getting used to it and maybe will bring it with me to a coffee shop and be all yuppie-like lol 


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