OK yeah I see your point)

Yeah I know most of these blogs seem sad, negative or on the down side but its a way to get them off my chest. But it saves me from fighting and therapy lol

So yeah today my daughter is going to get another tattoo and yes of course she wants me to drive her. I don’t really want to leave my 12 yr old daughter at home (even though she’d most likely be fine) but we’re going to drag her along anyways.Of course the mention of tattoos makes me want another one; which will bring my total to 6 and I kinda have the 7th already thought up but its kinda geeky and doesn’t really mean anything to me so not really sure I want it…:/

This is basically what I would want (Photoshopped on to a pic of the back of my right leg). I like it but at the same time not 100% pleased with it. Maybe its the positioning?, the size? or just something doesn’t seem right.


I just checked my funds and yeah I do have enough to get one, but don’t want to spoil the rest of my holidays in case we go to a water park.  Then I wouldn’t be able to go (but still have to pay). I guess I will sit on it for a while longer.


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