Vacation review so far

Well 2 weeks gone and one week to go on my vacation. I guess I thought they would be more then they were so far. My oldest is working half the time and when she’s not I an taxiing her around to fulfill her social life; and of course usually leaving it to the last minute to tell me (“oh by the way can you drive me too so and so’s, I forgot to tell you earlier”). As for my youngest she always want to do something and that usually means playing with her (stinky) friend. Out of the past 7-8 days I have had her once alone one day; and she complained she was bored even after me taking her out to the store and buying her something and taking her out to lunch. The of course there’s my fiance who either sleeps till noon (or later) and is really lazy and getting on my nerves. Seriously why is it me that always has to make supper, or ends up doing the dishing…I really thought it was suppose to be a partnership but now it seems like it may be turning into a train wreck some days…my ex was just as lazy too; but at least she cooked. I should mention that she has also been dealing with personal issues with her father and his g/f and trying find him a secure nursing home (alone) which she has, But The it makes me feel like a single father again and the stress just builds up and up. I was so fed up with it I went to bed at 9:30 on a Saturday night cause I figured why bother with speaking and not being heard and was just too pissed off.

I know I didn’t really break up that paragraph, but since it was all related I thought I should keep all those thoughts together and thee blogs are more or less practice for me to write as well as to get things off my chest as I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it.

See you in 7 so I can bitch about the third and final week.


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