Well I said to myself I would at least write a blog every week if I couldn’t or wouldn’t write part of my story so well here is my blog lol.

Of course I have thought about writing and even made notes of perhaps changing the order of part of my story. Of course that means I would have to sit down and read my story again…which means that I would edit my story right away and find all sorts of errors and mistakes; and if I change something in chapter 2 there would be a domino effect which would mess up something in chapter 8 and of course I’d have to delete or totally re-write chapter 6 UGH. Well you know what I mean.

I guess my big problem with my story is I know how it starts but then it gets muddled up and I used to know how it ends but things changed along the way when I was writing it. I suggested to myself that I should write a point form story from the beginning to the end, then come back and add details, descriptions etc.

Character development is another thing that I have a little problem with too; I am a visual person so usual pick people (actors, news personalities even friends) to base my characters on. So when I think of “Mr. Smith”, I am really thinking of my grade 12 science teacher (albeit its based on what I saw 20+ years ago) or when “Betty” is talking I am picturing one of my friends. Of course there’s the disclaimer that person is the story are fictional…but is that really true?

So yeah that’s about all I have for now just a quick 300ish words or so gave or take.

I know someday the story will be finished, I hope.


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