Holidays ugh

Who knew that planning your vacation could be such a major pain in the ass. SO many things to consider and doesn’t seem like I am getting help from anyone in my family. I live with my fiancé and our (will be 9 month old) puppy, so going anywhere for more than a day may be out of the question. I have 2 daughter as well; one 18 and fiercely independent and working 2 jobs and a 12 year old. So I need to find something that will satisfy both of them (and me too). Of course my youngest daughters friend will want to see her a lot either at her place or ours, and I don’t really mind BUT I do want to have her without her friend being there too.Of course my oldest does have plans the last week of holidays and that’s with the YMCA? Group and will be in Montreal and has suggested that we drive her there…that is a possibility, but what all to do once we are there. My youngest isn’t a big shopper (unless there’s something in it for her). And my youngest daughters friends step-mom suggested we go to Parc Omega BUT my fiancé and oldest daughter do not like this lady….yeah getting a headache now.

What to do, what to do ~sigh~


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