Third Wheel

So decided that I am gong to try and post one blog/rant once a week. There were a few topics that I would have commented in for at least my own opinion.

The Bruce/Caitlin Jenner thing- Sorry your 15 minutes of fame has expired, time to move along.
The Confederate Flag thing – I am not offended and never thought it was a racist thing. But isn’t the star spangled banner offensive to the Native Americans?

Ok so now for my rant. I’ve always been more or a third wheel (a sidekick if you will) as opposed the main person. I’ve been asked “Aren’t you Mike’s cousin” or Jason and Dar’s “roommate” (there were 3 of us but I was always the forgotten one). Hell I was even referred to as  “Courtney’s father”. It’s almost like I don’t have own name and as soon as someone see’s me they expect to see that someone with me. Yeah just sucks by sound of it too. Well tonight is the Roxanne’s (it’s a local bar that closed down long ago) reunion thing and part of me wants to go…and part of me doesn’t. Last time I was just a little bored, and the people that I expected and wanted to see were not there. I did manage to sit with a girl I liked and her ex…yeah that’s a whole other conversation (he is a dink though).

Out of the regulars that I hung with one is in Edmonton, one Toronto and the rest who knows where. Of course there is always the few that I don’t wanna see (chances are I won’t) but a crazy ex is always something to be worried about hahaha.

So yeah it starts in about 3 hours and still on the fence about going or not. I have plenty of time to change my mind many a time to go or stay home. I guess it really depends on which way the wind blows as to which side of the fence I fall.

BUT I do know that what ever choice I make I will most likely say I should have done the other one 😦

Right now I do wanna go just hope that I am not ignored this year.


Holidays ugh

Who knew that planning your vacation could be such a major pain in the ass. SO many things to consider and doesn’t seem like I am getting help from anyone in my family. I live with my fiancé and our (will be 9 month old) puppy, so going anywhere for more than a day may be out of the question. I have 2 daughter as well; one 18 and fiercely independent and working 2 jobs and a 12 year old. So I need to find something that will satisfy both of them (and me too). Of course my youngest daughters friend will want to see her a lot either at her place or ours, and I don’t really mind BUT I do want to have her without her friend being there too.Of course my oldest does have plans the last week of holidays and that’s with the YMCA? Group and will be in Montreal and has suggested that we drive her there…that is a possibility, but what all to do once we are there. My youngest isn’t a big shopper (unless there’s something in it for her). And my youngest daughters friends step-mom suggested we go to Parc Omega BUT my fiancé and oldest daughter do not like this lady….yeah getting a headache now.

What to do, what to do ~sigh~