RIP Dave

11401476_10150539075024984_8737660812148982177_nWell for the first time in a while I opened my laptop to write but instead of being inspired all I want to do is bitch and complain. Yeah not good.

There’s been a few things on my mind that I will get off my chest;

Firstly and sadly one of my friends died recently ;not a close friend and We haven’t really spoken in maybe 10 years. Even when he was alive we never spoke that much… I guess you could say he was just a good acquaintance? Sadly he took his own life and jumped off a bridge (leaving behind a wife and 6 year old son-both whom I’ve never met). He was living in Edmonton and of course there was nothing in the news about it, As I did tell someone that unless your a gay teen that was being bullied or some sort of celebrity it wouldn’t be. I don’t know if it should be or not but there should be constant ads for EVERYONE about depression and a list of help line numbers available; you never know when someone close needs to call someone.

I have suffered from depression before, albeit not that bad and I guess lucky for me it’s only been a seasonal thing. I know my own triggers and what I need to do when I feel them coming on to control them (Note:nothing ever close to feeling suicidal).

Of course I don’t have any readily available but if you are reading this then you are online so you can Google it, Maybe find a national help line or even a local one.

I guess my other complaints can wait till my next post (when ever that will be),

That’s all and don’t forget no one is truly alone – there are always people out there who you can talk to.


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