Isn’t it funny how sometimes that no matter how much you’ve learned the more you want to learn. I recently bought a used Dell laptop from a friend; the reason being I used to work for Dell in tech support a long time ago and I fell quite comfortable with them (Hell even my desktop is a Dell too)>

Since I have had the laptop maybe a week and a half I have figured out hot to disable the mouse pad as well as the stick (was making it a pain to type long things with the cursor moving all over the frigging place.Next step was to figure out the back lighting on the keyboards (done!).

My next thing to do (maybe today or tomorrow) I to hook up the laptop to the TV so I will be able to watch …um YouTube videos on a much LARGER scale.

That’s all for now, I think I already know what I need to know for now; but if not I am sure I can figure it out relatively easily.


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