ok so this is a test to see what the heck just happened I was just writing something and suddenly everything i wrote just frigging vanished? least it wasn’t too important but did tick me off a little when I noticed it the second time, Of course my daughter just messaged me to on Facebook most likely asking me if I can take if I can take her some where or some place…hmm just happened again. not sure if i am hitting a key somewhere or there is some sensor that i don’t know of.

Well so far i haven’t checked the message to see what my daughter wanted. I am in no hurry to find out. if you’re not me and actually reading this, i do warn you that in this post I am just babbling on and on trying to get used to this keyboard.

ps spelling doesn’t count this time and I am sure (I know) I made a few…weird it happened again grr I hope its just my fingers and not the computer cause that would suck. I think there’s a spell check here that I will try too…yeah there was 🙂

so again blah blah just more words here and yeah it did it again on me..jumped a few words back on me. no idea why maybe i should try writing somewhere else like note pad or something…

maybe a few more lines to see whats what? i know i can;t type and not look at the keyboard cause i am not that capable. fuck i hit it again and went up a few lines this time so it weird when it does that. keep typing and maybe i can see if i hit the wrong key or something??

fuck i just erased a whole damn line…ok going to go and try writing in note pad or something….

wish me luck lol


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