Sometimes I hate not taking to people. I could be logged on all day and not a word from anyone; not even a hello. Survive tried in the past to speak to a few but the ones I want to talk to aren’t available or busy.  So now I sit and wait for anyone to make that first move. 

Sad to say but it feels like I’ve got no friends at all. 



Isn’t it funny how sometimes that no matter how much you’ve learned the more you want to learn. I recently bought a used Dell laptop from a friend; the reason being I used to work for Dell in tech support a long time ago and I fell quite comfortable with them (Hell even my desktop is a Dell too)>

Since I have had the laptop maybe a week and a half I have figured out hot to disable the mouse pad as well as the stick (was making it a pain to type long things with the cursor moving all over the frigging place.Next step was to figure out the back lighting on the keyboards (done!).

My next thing to do (maybe today or tomorrow) I to hook up the laptop to the TV so I will be able to watch …um YouTube videos on a much LARGER scale.

That’s all for now, I think I already know what I need to know for now; but if not I am sure I can figure it out relatively easily.

beep beep boop

avupriocmaeizy8-largeWell if you managed to read my last post about the disappearing text I think i solved the problem. I ended up going to the Dell website and installed the pointer driver (since this is a dell computer) and once installed I disable the touch pad and pointer device. No sweat of course;I did used to work for Dell while there were in town. So I am glad that’s solved. Now I wish I could stop hitting the cap lock button…that has noting to do with the system but my hands being clumsy lol

…aren’t you glad you continued reading 😛

Oh I think I am also going to start a new page/blog too to give me and my alter ego some separation.


ok so this is a test to see what the heck just happened I was just writing something and suddenly everything i wrote just frigging vanished? least it wasn’t too important but did tick me off a little when I noticed it the second time, Of course my daughter just messaged me to on Facebook most likely asking me if I can take if I can take her some where or some place…hmm just happened again. not sure if i am hitting a key somewhere or there is some sensor that i don’t know of.

Well so far i haven’t checked the message to see what my daughter wanted. I am in no hurry to find out. if you’re not me and actually reading this, i do warn you that in this post I am just babbling on and on trying to get used to this keyboard.

ps spelling doesn’t count this time and I am sure (I know) I made a few…weird it happened again grr I hope its just my fingers and not the computer cause that would suck. I think there’s a spell check here that I will try too…yeah there was 🙂

so again blah blah just more words here and yeah it did it again on me..jumped a few words back on me. no idea why maybe i should try writing somewhere else like note pad or something…

maybe a few more lines to see whats what? i know i can;t type and not look at the keyboard cause i am not that capable. fuck i hit it again and went up a few lines this time so it weird when it does that. keep typing and maybe i can see if i hit the wrong key or something??

fuck i just erased a whole damn line…ok going to go and try writing in note pad or something….

wish me luck lol