I just love feeling like a stranger I my  own home. 

Oh joy company. Best I stay up here in bed cause I’m sure if I go downstairs they’ll a) talk to me ONLY in French or b) completely ignore me. 

To be honest I was napping while watching Despicsblt Me and work to the door bell. Maybe I’ll pretend I’m still napping lol 


I swear

i swear I can get through almost anything at anytime. But the most difficult thing is to feel you’re doing it all alone. Loneliness is my arch enemy and when I get home and TRY and start a simple conversation, no one had a clue what I’m talking about or no interest in what I’m saying. Bad enough I have no friends at work to talk to but at home, I may as well just read or go to bed. 

Lazy Sunday

Well again it’s Sunday morning. No kids this weekend and alone with ample amount of quiet time. Penny is up and is back on the couch for her mid morning nap. And France is still off in dream land for most likely the next 2-3 hours. Of course last night she almost complained that I went to bed at 9…which is sadly my usual time during the week. You don’t hear me (well she doesn’t hear me) complain how she sleeps so long into the day and by the time she gets up it feels like the day is half way done.

Don’t know why I feel so anxious these day, I mean I really should feel happier, but I’m not ~ Sigh

Maybe I need to do something to make my self feel better, but the question is what? I should do something around the house, but that may involve a trip to Home Depot to buy a light to put over the stove so we can see what we’re burning lol

Got my 5th tattoo yesterday. Was a bit more than I thought it would be ($150 plus tax) but France paid for it as part of my birthday gift. It’s from Lord of the Rings and the translation is “not all those who wander are lost”. I like it and obviously I am kinda stuck with it now lol.

IMG_6723That’s it for now Penny is back up after a really quick nap and barking …maybe I will let her wake France up lol

Ciao for now