So stupid

Ok here it is the eve before my birthday and I am not really into MY birthday and wish most people would just forget it. Mine you at the same time I am happy when they remember (mind you if certain ones forget I gets to me too).
So glad my sister isn’t coming I didn’t want to invite her anyways and I wasn’t the one responsible for asking her as it was done behind my back.
Oh since everyone was annoying me tonight I went to chapters to be alone in the quiet (while missing the parts of the pizza that I didn’t get to eat 🐷).. But of course that’s not possible cause as soon as I get there I get bombarded with texts asking me where something is what time does the LCBO close at etc…forgive me but I accidentally turned off my phone and missed 3 of your texts and 2 phone calls. Seriously alone time MEANS alone aka do. Ot fucking disturb me…I am away for my sanity and your safety
Oh one more thing is it bad to want to spend time alone on your birthday?


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