Ugh today

Well another one of those days where it seems like I have to do every freaking thing. Sure she got up to look after the puppy but when I got up soon after she went back to bed. She got up at 5 and I was up just before 6. It’s not like she has to do much and when I came down stairs she and the puppy were both asleep. So 6 hours later, 3 loads of laundry done AND folded. Dishes washed and put away and took care of the puppy too at the same time It’s not fucking rocket science you know. Went out and did an errand that I wanted to do cause she was still asleep
Come 2 o’clock where I get back she is surprisingly dressed OMG. But that’s all she’s done 😦 really, and here I thought this was supposed to be a partnership …if so the. Why am I doing most of the work -sigh.
Ok so I’m getting ready for bed and now she decides to clean the frigging bathroom


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