Bonus blog

Aren’t you lucky this morning you get a bonus blog from me …
So was going through Facebook and was reading the posts from one of my female friends. And the way she describes this is seriously WTF
I really don’t think she’s poor little girl with all these men after her. I met her twice and she’s more than a bit of a flake, and if she ever wanted to date me I would turn her down…I van just imagine her post on that if that happened. I’m sure she would say that she turned me down and I was so heartbroken LOL.
She should get into creativity fiction/romance writing cause I’m sure she’d be good at it

On a final note I am starting to enjoy these blogs as its he’s clears my minds and gets me into writing lots of words about subjects that I my like or find funny (as this was).

Ok so I am off again, this time I promise xo


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