Blue Monday

Today is supposed to be the saddest day of the year…sure feels like it this morning 😦


Ugh today

Well another one of those days where it seems like I have to do every freaking thing. Sure she got up to look after the puppy but when I got up soon after she went back to bed. She got up at 5 and I was up just before 6. It’s not like she has to do much and when I came down stairs she and the puppy were both asleep. So 6 hours later, 3 loads of laundry done AND folded. Dishes washed and put away and took care of the puppy too at the same time It’s not fucking rocket science you know. Went out and did an errand that I wanted to do cause she was still asleep
Come 2 o’clock where I get back she is surprisingly dressed OMG. But that’s all she’s done 😦 really, and here I thought this was supposed to be a partnership …if so the. Why am I doing most of the work -sigh.
Ok so I’m getting ready for bed and now she decides to clean the frigging bathroom

Heart break kid

Yep that’s the movie I’m watching this morning. Sadly parts of this are starting to feel familiar to me. Laundry is done; all 3 loads cars is cleared of ice and walkway is shovelled. Now starting to think that was a great idea as there is a freezing rain warning here. I want to go out to the west end to finally get my alarm clock, but if the roads are bad then I guess I’ll do the smart thing and stay home. And part of me doesn’t want to stay home.
That’s all I have for now I guess …been on Facebook and while there is a lot of people on, there’s really no one I want to chat with. I wish someone would stay a conversation with me for once 😦

Bonus blog

Aren’t you lucky this morning you get a bonus blog from me …
So was going through Facebook and was reading the posts from one of my female friends. And the way she describes this is seriously WTF
I really don’t think she’s poor little girl with all these men after her. I met her twice and she’s more than a bit of a flake, and if she ever wanted to date me I would turn her down…I van just imagine her post on that if that happened. I’m sure she would say that she turned me down and I was so heartbroken LOL.
She should get into creativity fiction/romance writing cause I’m sure she’d be good at it

On a final note I am starting to enjoy these blogs as its he’s clears my minds and gets me into writing lots of words about subjects that I my like or find funny (as this was).

Ok so I am off again, this time I promise xo

One of those days..,

Yeah so here I sit puppy on on my lap, coffee by my side and wonder wtf am I going to do today I feel like doing something but not sure what … I kinda feel like buying something but again I have no idea. The only thing that I know I want is an alarm clock but the only store that it “may” be available at is 45 minutes away and where I am we are in for a big winter storm this afternoon with freezing rain too.
That’s about all I have to bitch and whine about now…may as well get back to my coffee ciao


So good morning 2015. Well didn’t quite make it to midnight last night. Was already nodding off so decided to go to bed at 10:30
Think it’s going to be a long day, it’s 6 am now and I’ve been up for more than an hour. I might be a bit on the grumpy side too…thankfully everyone is in bed and asleep.
Well I did make a resolution to write more this year and I guess blogging is a form of writing albeit not creative writing but still writing …right?
Well enjoy your 2015, I’m going to grab a coffee and procrastinate