Hooey :P

So yeah this weekend I found myself at this fortune teller’s show at the Hull casino. Specifically to see this guy who could (or so he said) could talk to the dead.  My companion hoped that she could talk to her mother who unfortunately passed away a couple years ago. Anyways I am not a believer in this maybe because I haven’t met a ghost/spirit or maybe because there’s no one dead that I really want to talk to… 

He did mention that is you have ever seen anything out of the corner of your eye or heard someone calling your name it may be a ghost/spirit trying to get your attention.

 I just noticed that I am not including any names….just because I forgot them at home and somewhat limited in my searches at work.

 One thing that I did notice was that he did ask a lot of opened ended questions and was general (and possibly as polite as possible). Maybe these ghosts did not have any animosity with the living people there (otherwise they would be haunted by them, right?).

Not going to condemn what I saw and heard (to each their own) but not for me.

My highlight was when a tarot card reader asked me if I wanted my cards read. My reply was simply “I would rather be surprised”.


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