How long does it take?

OK so there was that bombing in Boston this week and yeah I know it was terrible for all involved. It was all, over the news about these terrorist. Sadly I was kinda wishing that they were American even though they had lived in the  US for the past 10 years(I believe) . So, how long actually does it take someone to be a true citizen? The one terrorist who was caught was 19; right? So if he was in the US for over half his life, what does that mean.

You know I am quite sure that even if the terrorists were american born, that the media would quickly trace their heritage back a few generations looking for anyone else who they can put the blame on. OMG look his great-grandfathers, sisters, cousin by marriage was a member of the KKK…yeah like if that has anything to do with it.

So how long does it take an immigrant to be considered an American, and are not most of us descended from immigrants? Just curious, just asking?

So I guess I really don’t have a point or enough caffeine in me to rant further, just wanted to add my nickel (since Canada is getting rid of its penny).


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