I Really Thought We Had Pop-tarts

So my daughter has still decided that she’s moving in with us after Canada Day (July 1 in case you didn’t know). There is still so much I need to do and of course no one to help me. Of course she isn’t doing much to help either. I need to move a dresser up from the basement (2 floors) but before I do that I have to empty the drawers and move a TV and 3 old gaming consoles (Nintendo, Super Nintendo and an Xbox) that are hooked up on top of it. And of course I have to make room in her bedroom. I just wish she would get rid of some of her toys though so there would be more room.

She’s here this weekend and already I am telling her not to take control of the living room TV with the Xbox. There’s 3 people living here, and we can only handle so much GTA 5. I should start playing one of the other games I bought….Batman or that Mordor one and make her watch me play for a couple hours lol

I hope we are not stuck inside all weekend, I want to go out and do something since I hardly go anywhere during the week, I googled the symptoms my lower body is having and if I were a doctor, it sounds like I have Sciatica. Some days it’s better than others. For example; the other day I half jogged to my car after dropping my daughter off.  I know for some it’s not a big deal but for me it was. Mind you right this moment I stagger like a zombie to and from the kitchen like a humped backed henchman lol.

I want to buy something just don’t know what. I know I should drop off a box of stuff I have for Value village, and maybe I can convince my fiancé to et rid of a ox of her fathers stuff. I know I don’t want to go to work Monday feeling disappointed cause I didn’t feel like I did anything; guess we’ll answer that Sunday night.

OK enough of this rambling, time to make more coffee and see what I can do until everyone wakes up.

Still wondering who read all my posts here and didn’t even say hello 😦

OK ciao for now xo

Write, write, write, right?

Yeah I been meaning to write more of my story but just seem to have lost the motivation of it and lost where the story was going. Of course it didn’t help that I had no clue how I  was going to end it.
Maybe I shoulder-read it and fix it, or perhaps just start a new one and have a plan how its going to end and of course a least make the story plausible.

In other news had a busy weekend where we went out bit nights again. Friday to a baseball game and yesterday to a BBQ. Of course today is fathers day and I know I will see my kids at some point <3.

So much for relaxing though as I think (as usual) I have too much to do. Groceries of course and have to go to 2 stores since they don’t carry the same items. Looks like I have to cut the grass too again (maybe we should just buy a goat lol) The hair cut I want to get can wait till Monday or Tuesday; but it is coming.

SO that it for now, going to try and relax before its too late.

ciao xo


Too Many Coincidences…

OK so this weekend there have been to many weird and some bad coincidences.

At work Friday we were talking about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. On Saturday morning I was out cleaning out my car and found my daughters old cheap sun glasses with Spy Kids on the side. When I came back inside both were on TV. Freaky eh?

There’s more.

Friday night we were at out friends place playing games and having pizza (Hawaiian and one with 67 in its name. The conversation turned to ringtones and which ones were cool, annoying etc.  At one point I turned to France and said I wanted mine to be the Batman theme. On Saturday we found out that Adam West had passed away as well as the inventor of the Hawaiian Pizza.


This week I purchased my Lotta Max ticket, I decided to get a 6/49nas well and thought my odds winning on 6/49 are good. I haven’t checked my ticket yet. I kinda doubt I won any prize that’s big, but even winning $2 would be kinda a nice.

 I keep asking myself; what else have I thought of this week that could possibly come true lol

That’s it that’s all

ciao xo


Just another day I’m keeping to myself, thanks for asking 

  • Over paid my car insurance. $48 refund check. 
  • Hip hurts like hell. No one noticed-of course 
  • Work BBQ tomorrow. Might make an appearance but that’s all
  • Busy day everyone wants my famn attention   I can’t even sit down and relax. 
  • Found out doesn’t take much to put me in a bad mood. Started early and still grumpy. 

What to do, what to do


Well I know one thing, I am not going to spend $900 on furniture this weekend (least I hope I am not). There are things we  would like to buy for the house and a few tings we need. Felt pads for the old tray that’s on the table (dollar store) and new placemats too. I am sure there are some nic-naks we can get rid of or move around (just to make our place look nice(r).

I know I would like to buy something for myself. Most likely clothes and am thinking, maybe pants before I get another top. But guess I will decide if and when we go shopping.

So my fiancé has decided to sleep in the same bed as I do again. She did it to see if her arm would get any better, and looks like its not, so back to the roar of her snoring and me waking up before my alarm goes off 😦

So since I have some money decided to pay off our insurance for the upcoming year. This gives me $144 in my pocket every month. Add this to the money I am not spending on cigarettes (91 days) gives me the ability to do things I wasn’t able to before (not that I am going to go on a spending spree. I do like the fact I have money to spend – just not spending it all lol

OK think that’s all my brain has to say for now.

ciao xo

Week of Blah

OK wow another week done; and I didn’t kill anyone, yay me. OK so my coworkers didn’t listen to me, but that’s normal; I am used to it.

On sadder news my Ottawa Senators lost the other night in double overtime and are out of the playoffs. At least now I can go to bed at a normal time for me instead of staying up 2-3 hours later than usual.

Bought a new dining set yesterday. Paid a little more than I wanted but I think it will look nice. Actually seats 6 people and has a leaf in the center. I am going to give the one we have now to my daughter for when she moves out (eventually).


Still haven’t figured out what I want for a tattoo or even where I want it. I do have it down to 3 places though; back of left leg, back left shoulder blade or front right shoulder. I guess it will depend on what tattoo I decide on. I do like the idea of this one. 


Have a new bus crush (which is really just pretty face to look at). Least she has sat with me a few times and I her.

Again should have made notes about what to write.

Off to check my lotto tickets to see if I won again ($5 last week) then have coffee, and hopefully cut the grass today. And of course coffee.

Ciao xo


Another week where I did not end up rich at the end.

OK So another week has come and cone and a lot and not too much has happened here. I did realized recently that I usually rush my posts here and I am sure I don’t want to do that, I just want to get it out of my head and I can move on to more crap lol

OK so to start with, I still feel alone. It’s hard to feel like you’re there when the person you’re trying to talk to isn’t listening or doesn’t hear you.  It’s even more frustrating when they repeat what you said and its something totally different than what you said.

So today is suppose to be nice day out and me and my fiancé have gardening planned. Of course I am the first one up, but going to let it warm up a little before I move my ass outside and start working. I think we do need some plants as all we have out there now is weeds.

I finally got another game for me for the Xbox. I didn’t know they had a Game of Thrones video game. I hope it doesn’t suck. If so I did buy it used so wouldn’t be that bad.

I took yesterday off work (so I have a 4 day weekend) and did most of my to-do list. The only things I didn’t do were the ones where I needed someone else to help me.

Ok so I think that’s it for now (but I doubt it).

ciao xo