Here we go again

Another week where I didn’t win the lottery.. Crap, means I have to go back to work Monday and have dopey boy throw (like actually throw) work on my desk – real frigging mature,  One of these days something really big will happen; like a manager see’s him acting childish.

Well survived another week back to school. MInd you I didn’t have her this week, but now I do have to start driving her around. Today (Saturday) to and from her Japanese lessons and on Monday I will have to pick her up from college (she’s only 15, but taking a course there about cooking – I would get the details but I am too lazy to look for them at the moment lol. Found out that she’s also going to receive an award this year too; for what we don’t know.

Oh I am finally an admin on a Facebook page I didn’t create. I posted that I wanted to be and the person who originally created the page thought I deserved to be too. It’s called Tats incase you go looking for it.

I plan on taking some sort of writing course this fall. I am just waiting for the continuing education books to be sent out. Hopefully they won’t be on nights where I am busy or that people make plans for me.Cause if they do. I am going to have to say NO!

Fiance is getting better I think, but she needs to speak up. She was talking to me last night and I didn’t hear anything she said until she got my attention. I wasn’t even doing anything where I would be distracted either.

OK time to caffeinate and shower soon to start my day

ciao xo




Just another week

Nothing really to report for this week as it was more or less uneventful. I did survive my first week back to work and back to school, although my daughter has developed an attitude; ugh.

I surprisingly came home in a good mood all week. Maybe because I wasn’t doing 12 jobs, and didn’t do anyone else’s when they no-showed at work again. Now home is where I get agitated. Supper not being decided on or having to bend to the whims of others or of course me having to pay for a meal I really didn’t want in the first place.

She (my fiance) is getting better, but i find myself repeating my self again and again as she wasn’t listening. She of course whispers things when she speaks expecting me to hear them while I am in the middle of doing other things.

Well already did a lot fo the weekend and its only 7 am on saturday morning. I cut the grass, threw out an old filing cabinet and brought a load to value village. I have to go to my parents and get another load to bring there too;hopefully it’s not too much.

I think I need a hobby or something. I know I should write more than just this blog thingy. I just need to find a good story sci-fi? rom-com?

Oh another week where I didn’t win the lottery,hope I have better luck tonight lol

Guess its almost shower time, them maybe have another coffee before I head out to my parents place.

ok ciao lol xo

Last Sunday of Summer

Yeah I am up way to early again, but starting Tuesday it will be even earlier. Made a mental effort that I/we will try to eat better from now on. Starting with less pre-made meals, I am sure some will be ok, but will cut others out. Just hope I have the energy to do this now.

Well daughter has a friend sleeping over who I will have to drive home later on; just not sure when. She also knows that no one is sleeping over here tonight either. Tomorrow we go to her grandmothers place and get the rest of her school crap and her clothes.

Ugh, I have to go back to work on Tuesday too. I hope there are no serious changes waiting for me. I hope people did my work for me cause if not I won’t be too happy. I guess its time I really start looking for something else.

I just really hope I do something fun/interesting today to make up for my lousy vacation.

Gawd I hate my space bar or when my chair feels lower (sorry my fiance should not sit on it).

Ok tim to get ready just in case I do something lol

ciao xo


The End of Summer – Thank God

I am going to be so glad when this summer is over. I have had the worst time and didn’t enjoy it one little bit. Sure, the first week I spent with my youngest in Toronto, but since then it’s been all downhill. Fiancé in hospital and myself going back and forth too many times to count. Spending the day waiting for service people to show up only finding out that they cancelled but they couldn’t be bothered to let me know.

So Monday is the last day for delivery for my latest Amazon order. It looks like it won’t arrive either so that makes 5 orders in a row. No idea why. Maybe I should sign up for prime so would get faster/free delivery.

People keep telling me secrets and I won’t tell them to anyone ugh. I’ve got to stop listening.

No clue what’s going on with my daughters grandmother. She keeps texting me to do things for the girls. Of course she won’t ask her precious troll of her daughter, who only uses her daughters for a source of income.

Was supposed to get a new fridge yesterday so waited around all day. When I called the office looking for an update I was told the cancelled the order until today. I was furious. I mean you couldn’t call me and let me know. I had other things I could have been doing.

Todays going to be busy going to the hospital, chauffeuring my daughter around and crossing my fingers that the fridge comes (and that it is indeed new).

OK time to get caffeinated and start the day

Ciao xo

Mere days remain.

So now there’s like 3 days left of my worst vacation ever to date. Didn’t do nearly what I wanted to do and doubt I will. Have to go to hospital today. And the new fridge is coming tomorrow. And for Friday I have my daughter coming over and getting my fiancé too. Of course my daughter had plans for the weekend and next Tuesday it’s back to work for me and back to school for her.

Hopefully it will be a good weekend and not drag like every other one this summer.

Still want to go to store at Place d’Orléans. Get a tattoo (maybe). Museum visit would be cool too. Win the lottery would be great as well.

Ok back to relaxing before I continued with my day.

Ciao xo