North Bay


Well it was no big surprise but, looks like this thought of my oldest daughter is turning more and more into a reality; and sooner than we thought. Maybe before Christmas instead of next summer.

Last month my daughter told everyone that she was thinking of moving to North Bay where her friend lives. She visited there last month for a weekend and loved it. Now she’s been talking to her former boss and will be applying for a job as the manager of the store in North Bay. This manager will also said she would help her with her resume and cover letter. Not only that but sounds like she will be willing to help her move (renting a trailer too). Of course, I am happy for her and sad too that she’s moving away, but at least with technology now it won’t be so bad as she’s only a message away. She said tat with a salary she would be able to budget things and I told her that if she wanted to visit I am sure that we’d even help pay for her ticket here and back. It’s only what, 4 hours away by car?

In other news looks like I may be in for a little of a battle with my daughter’s mother over support payments and how she’s not paying them to me. What’s the word for that? I think it’s dead beat. Now I am not calling her that or any other name, just providing a definition. I was planning on being nice, but when I was speaking to my mother she said to “Take her for everything”, and haven’t the said listen to your mother?

Ok off to get caffeinated and do some laundry and tidy up before my other daughters bday party with her friends (her actual bday was in September).

ciao all xo



2014 Corolla


Well since the Malibu I wanted was gone, I found another vehicle. At lease this one my father actually approves of. I really don’t know why it matters to me or to him what I get as  will be the one paying for it and/working on it since he is no longer in any condition to do anything.
Not sure if I will look at it this week or not as there are other things I should be doing like making an appointment for physiotherapy and getting my blood work done and sure there’s more too; just haven’t remembered yet.
My daughter is finally having her kids birthday party this weekend. She’s going to have 4 girls over and keep them in her room and the spare bedroom as we don’t want them to sleep in the living room since the carpet smells like pee and wold be willing to bet $1000 that Jasper would pee on at least one of the sleeping bags. Just hope everything goes smoothly.


Excerpts of Irrelevance

So yeah, those who were following the name Almost August on this site, well I decided to change the name. I decided that I am not writing that story any more and have deleted all of the published pages here on WordPress. I do have a copy at home and will save it for a rainy day; where I may once again be inspired to write something. I mean its not a great loss, it was only 45 pages (seemed like much more to me though).  I still want to write something, but just need to figure it out first; then may be able to get inspired to write something.

I will continue to blog here, but may be deleting or editing a few posts…just because lol

Also linked to my Instagram account.

Please say hello if you do drop by.

ciao xo

Microsoft 365

Good morning and good day. This is a test to see if I write something down in the Papyrus font and copy and past to wordpress will it work or just g to its default font.
In other news I am starting to get the writing bug again, but just not sure what I should write. Oh the copy and paste didn’t work it just defaulted to this font. Oh well it was worth a try.

Oh I installed Microsoft 365 on mine and my daughters computers. I haven’t set up outlook yet as I do like keeping some of my emails with me on my phone just in case I need them (example : previous agreement). She said she wouldn’t need them but oh well she has it now.




So my daughters’ cat passed away last night. My oldest got the call from her mother last night and messaged me during the night. So this was sad news I woke up to. I thought at first it was due to old age, but he was only around 10ish; so not that old for a cat.  Strange part was I dreamed about his death a few nights earlier.

RIP Ziggy xo You’re with your brother Domino now 😦

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend


So I am posting a bit later than usual which is surprising since I was woken up early by snoring and I couldn’t make them stop ugh 😦

I have lots planned to do this weekend but wonder how much I am going to get done. I would like to go to the 3rd world bazaar, best buy and pet smart. If I had won the lottery I would have gone car shopping. I still can and might but who knows. Its the whole situation with my dad about keeping the car I have but there are things starting to go or already wrong with it. The passenger door creaks, the windshield takes forever to defrost, there’s a gas stain and dent in it. I think I’ve had more bad luck than good since I’ve had it. But that alone isn’t a reason to get rid of it. I do like the 2015 Chevy Malibu though that I saw online and of course there’s always a chance I won’t like when I see it.

I’m still feeling like I am raising my daughter alone with little to no help at home.

Things are about to get interesting soon. My lawyer has contacted my ex with regards to her paying support. Plus she will have to payback Canada child benefits. She hasn’t had a child with her since July and well only makes sense that I get the money. I am not bragging about this I am only stating what’s, what. Now just hope it doesn’t go poof in my face.

Ok guess I better finish my coffee then wait till the washing machines done so I can hang stuff up and put the rest in the dryer; then hopefully I will be able to go out and do something,


Here’s to the weekend ugh

15894325_1586018598088948_9197207895567773640_nSo happy Saturday although its too early to tell. On my second cup of coffee, caught up on my PVR and first load of laundry is in. Think I will only do one today nd the rest tomorrow or will wait and see if anyone else does it. I think they should do the bedding cause its their turn and well …yeah that’s all I will say about that.
So have to get my daughter at her Japanese lessons. From there, we’ll go to the mall to pick up her Pop! figure we pre-ordered and check out Hot Topic for stickers to put on her new laptop and then depending how I am feeling might go to the Ottawa Geek Market to geek out lol. Its funny though, now that I have money, chances are I won’t buy anything.
Oh the past few days been running into my ex on the bus. I hate acting nice knowing that my lawyer will be contacting her asking (making her) start paying child support. And as they say Payback is a bitch and I am an asshole hahaha.
Don’t have much more to say other than I found out I do not have sciatica and am going to be sent to physiotherapy to hopefully help with my leg pains and see what’s wrong with me.
ciao xo