Hates online shopping

So yeah du to dire financial reasons, I haven’t shopped online in years. Only recently have I restarted again, Today I went to the Sears.ca site. No offence, I know they at having financial difficulties, but man does it suck (for men at least). I wanted to find some dress pants and guess what – they had none, not at all. I looked for some other clothes and had about the same luck – none. I know there is better luck to look at the stores; this way I can try it on so I know what I am getting. I’m only looking for maybe 2-3 pairs of Dockers for now. Maybe I am trying to wean my self off jeans…maybe I should only start with 1-2 instead (unless I find a super deal) .

Guess I should wake the women so we can go to the Lachute flea market so we can be home in time for my mothers birthday dinner.

ciao xo


So I had bad dreams last night and was passed off in my dream and woke up in the same mood. 

I want to do stuff today, but don’t know what.  I do know I don’t need to buy jeans lol. Maybe I’ll look for dockers?

Well that was quick…

So yeah we are back from our little jaunt to Niagara Falls. It wasn’t too bad and we all seemed to enjoy ourselves. It could have been better though.

Now we are back. Gwyn has buggered off to be with her friend and well I am not to pleased about that as I am not sure when she is coming back and her room is a total wreck; she only unpacked half of her stuff and the rest is covering her bed (brat!). Hopefully we can sent her to her mothers place this weekend so, well just because.
Now  we have another week together before France goes back to work. I hope she doesn’t spend all of it sleeping or playing on her fucking phone while I’m doing stuff round the house. Maybe one of these days I’ll just get up and go do something that I want to do and leave everyone the fuck here (sorry for the bad language). Cause its MY HOLIDAYS TOO.

~breathe Jeff~

Well I think the puppies are glad to be home. We heard Penny didn’t eat much and that Jasper was bossing the big dog around #nofear lol

Well I think that’s all I have to complain about for now lol. Laundry and more coffee are calling. At least now breakfast won’t cost $78 and I don’t have to wait to eat with everyone else

ciao for now xo



Well I’m n vacation for the next 3 weeks.. Where are we going to go, what are we going to do – well so far it looks  like we are going to go to PEI. We just have to figure out what we are going to do with the dogs (especially Jasper). And how long we will be gone for. 2 days there? 2 days back (its about a 13 hour drive) What will we see beside Green Gables when we get there. I am still off another week afterwards so hopefully there’s more my daughter and I can do besides sit here and play  the xbox or be on our computers.

We already have a list of things we need to do before we go. France has an appointment and I have to pick up some meds for my daughter on Tuesday (Monday being a holiday). And we have another appointment next Friday for Jasper for his 3rd set of shots.

Still no word from the ex about support. Looks like I may have to give her a call and ask her in person before I email my lawyer – and no matter what the reason if she refuses, I will send that email !

Well looks like I better get my butt in gear and do some laundry; ugh

ciao xo


Sad but true

Some say a picture says a thousand words. I guess this post is over 2 thousand words then. I thought I was Ina partnership, yet I feel like I’m doing all the work. 

Maybe I should say something.  

In other news I’m going to draft a letter to send to my lawyer so that my ex will start paying me support   

That’s it, that’s all. Have a good day

Ciao xo

Now the Shoes on the Other Foot.

Well looks like now it’s my turn to be an ass and ask for what I deserve  Since my youngest moved in with me near the start of the month I haven’t said anything. Now its the last day of the month so I decided that I should ask the ex if and when I would be getting my support payment for her. And not to be mean, but I do still have my lawyers name so I can contact her and ask when I should do next.  Seriously she had better not say that she cannot afford it. I went through so many years not being able to afford things and simply doing without. So as the title says; the shoes on the other foot, lets see how she likes it.

I got my cards read

Had one of my friends read my cards. This is what she told me:

So Jeff… Have you recently thought about walking away from something or making a decision? This could be anything from a situation or pattern of thinking. Something hasn’t been serving you and its been time for some time now to make a change.

Archangel Gabriel is telling you that it’s time to speak your mind. This could be verbally telling someone what you really think or just journaling to get your thoughts and feelings out into the open in order to remade an old pattern or stuck energy.

The appreciation card is telling you that you have much to be grateful for. You need to see all the good that surrounds you. And maybe recognize the ability you have to express yourself.

In the end you ‘re reminded that the door to personal happiness is wide open for you. Any healing you need to do will come easily and taking everything else into account you will prosper and thrive.