Survived my first week back


Well I survived my first week back to work. You would think things would have changed after 9 weeks, but the idiot coworkers are still idiots. There is a new guy, but he doesn’t seem to friendly or bright. I am glad though that lots of people missed me; and I must have told the story as to what happened at least 20 times.  Of course I started off slow and by the end of the week I kicked ass as usual. One of my coworkers even gave me when I first came back, then again when I informed her that we were all caught up again.

I think I will be using the cane until the snow is gone. The knee is still sore but now I think its from over use. The exercises I was given are helping though.

Some asshole stole my fiancés wallet. So right now she has no ID or easy access to her money until she replaces her bank/credit cards. I managed to have one of her gift cards replaced and she was happy about that as it was for $100 for a massage. I am still trying to get another one replaced (for $100), but they haven’t replied to me yet. The timmies gift card I won’t even bother with trying to replace.
Meals were sorta kinda made all this week (since my fiancé was off). Was kinda nice BUT she has to just make something on her own without asking me cause there is like a 99% chance I will eat it.

I want to go out and do something to day (no idea though) I have money saved (since I was off 9 weeks) and now it’s starting to burn a hole in my pocket lol
OK guess its time for me to go and shower or have another cup of coffee…not sure which order yet.

ciao xo







I swear I am one of the cheapest people when it comes to buying new clothes. I guess it comes from living in the red for so many years and buying my new clothes at second hand stores.  I mean who really buys $40 t-shirts or jeans that cost $100 and torn to sh*t. But I guess if I want to look good I had better hand over the cash.

I know I may get in crap for this next statement, but this is my opinion. Some of the styles look gay. I am not offended by their sexual orientation but the styles look flamboyant and feminine and just www. I mean where does someone buy clothes that look like a (real) rocker would wear (something along that style).

Hopefully I can get to a mall either today or tomorrow and see what I can find.

ciao xo

Well it’s almost over

I wouldn’t really call it a vacation, but after 9 weeks off I am kinda looking forward to going back to work. I do have to say this past week has been mentally hard on me. There’s so much I want to do, but now it looks like I am running out of time. Doesn’t help that I have my daughter this week so means that unless I find a way to do it early tomorrow my plan of getting a tattoo will have to wait another wee/month.

I have 2 appointments today. Physiotherapy at one and the dentist at 5. So I do have time to do something I want in between. Just not sure what it is though and as I’m still walking with  a cane it might only be 1 or 2 stops. I will be at a mall later today for my dentist so will have a chance to look around then; maybe even buy something lol.

OK running out of rant so going to relax for 3 hours before my first appointment.

ciao xo

Pain, just a little bit

Ouch, my legs are in a little bit of pain and discomfort this morning. Not just the one, but both. Right above the knee on the thighs on both legs. The knee bone in the inside (that’s my technical name for it) is also a bit sore. I hope it goes away and maybe will once I shower and stretch.

I am not looking forward to today. I feel lonely and it’s worse when the person you’re plays fucking video games all day.

Wow, 5 more days off until I go back to work. Both excited and nervous about going back. I hope idiots on the bus offer me a seat and maybe since I have a cane, I won’t have to beat anyone with it lol.

I think I should use more picture on my blogs to make it more colourful.

OK time to caffeinate, stretch, shower and find something to do.

Ciao xo



For this post I blame my father as he keeps everything. I was going through some drawers yesterday and dusting some shelves and some of the things I kept really have me wondering why do I keep some things. Sure some are nice reminders of places or times. But other things are simply just stuff I kept cause my daughters gave them to me. Should I shove them in a box some place? donate them? or toss them in the trash. I guess it all depends what it is. I have another pile of papers to go through today (or soon) where I know there’s some things I will have to shred or sort accordingly. Oh the joys of not working and trying to find things to do.

Shopping trip

Well for the. First real time since I broke my knee, I went shopping, first thing I did was fill up the car with gas. One we arrived at the mall I checked out the geek booth; but there was nothing there that interested me. Next was the store called Watches where I of course picked out one that was more that i really wanted to spend. Even with my fiancé offering $200 towards the purchase, the remainder was $220. That’s the most I have ever paid for a watch ever- usually its like $50-$75 tops. I also bought a mini keyboard to go with my iPad mini. It is a lot easier to use that the one that’s on the screen. And was on sale to for $50 sweet.
Of course there’s more shopping I would like to do, but still have a week to do it in. At (or near) the top of the list is get a hair cut.

Ok back to relax for the night

Ciao xo

So I’m free

So went to my appointment Friday and I am free. I actually was speaking to the head doctor and basically he said:
No more doctors appointments
No more wearing the brace
No limits on physiotherapy for range of movement
I still need cane though
Able to drive now and cleared to return to work in a week.
I do have to be careful as it’s not 100% yet for strength and I have lost part of my sense of balance.

Funny part was he came in and said wear the brace only when I go out, ad I said that’s what the other doctor said. He goes if you feel comfortable not wearing it, then just be careful. I then ask him about returning to work and driving. He asks me to move my right leg/ankle and  guess I passed cause he said I could drive as well as return to work, as long as I take it easy. I emailed my boss and said I would return on the 19th  so I can gain that much more strength and go to a couple appointments.

Last night I couldn’t sleep I was too excited of all the possible things I wanted to, and could do. Of course everything in moderation. I do need a haircut badly and will most likely do that during the week when its not as busy. I want to go to a mall to  possibly us some of my gift cards from Christmas and not my birthday. I did spend some on Amazon last night for a hoodie and a (another) Game of Thrones t-shirt. I actually just NEED a change of scenery since I was stir crazy for the past 2 months (hospital visits and doctor appointments not included).

OK off to try and contain some of my excitement and maybe relax for a bit. And hopefully decide what I will do. I have to do my stretches and shower before I go/do anything of course.

I do know my first stop will be the gas station 🙂

Ciao for now xo